Our Boats 2010

oc1 canoe
      Perception GyraMax River Runner.
      Closed deck canoe; a C-1.

      Length: 12' 7"
      Width:  27"
      Volume: 79 gallons
      Weight: 41 lbs.
      SN #089904600
stripper canoe
    Built Winter of 2005. Hull is basswood with fiberglass
    over it. Epoxy and carbon power give it a hard smooth
    surface on the bottom. Design is based on the Chestnut
    Prospector; scaled to 85%. 
    SN #089904600
paper canoe
    A paper canoe built Winter 2007. Based on the birch
    bark canoe.    
    SN #089904600
mohawk probe 12
    Mohawk Probe 12.  OC-1 - solo open whitewater canoe.   

    Length:  12'8" 
    Width:   28.5"
    Weight:  49 lbs.
    SN # PHY20482E988
Necky Gannet
   Necky Gannet recreational kayak.

   Length: 11'
   Width:  26"
   Depth:  12"
   Weight: 44 lbs.
   Cockpit 35"x16.5" 
   SN #089904600
     Phoenix Isere a touring kayak. Wife's kayak.
     Fiberglass/nylon kayak. Fast kayak with round hull.
     Weight: 30 pounds.
     Length: 14'9"   
     Width:  24 1/2"
     Height: 14"
     SN #089904600

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